Adrienne Spohr is Director of Marketing at Clover with primary responsibilities in managing the Marketing team. Before joining Clover in May 2016, Adrienne was searching for a community to call home. She found it in Petaluma, and with Clover.

Adrienne began her career in finance and gradually migrated to marketing and branding, traveling a path through a series of multinational corporations in big cities with revenue in the billions – her time spent in meetings talking about value engineering or visits to mega-processing plants.

Something, however, was missing.

So she made what can only be described as “a huge leap of faith” (her words) and moved from San Francisco to Petaluma, which she describes as a real community.

“It’s a healthy mix of agriculture, artists, and the outdoors.”

And then there was Clover, a company where there is no disconnect between what they do, what they say they do, and who they are. “As a brand,” she says, “Clover is really rare. There’s an intelligence here, a history, and a commitment that is rare to find. Extremely rare.”

Asked to sum up Clover, Adrienne says simply: “It’s all about the dairy cows and our products. We are all, devoted to the health, welfare, and happiness of the cows, and to the quality of our products. No value engineering, ever.”

When Adrienne went on her first Clover farm tour, she met the husband and wife and got to meet the dairy cows that provide Clover milk – on green pastures with exceptional views. There were brand-new calves, “affectionate and adorable as can be”. One suckled on her hand while another tugged on her jacket, it was surreal for someone who had just moved out of San Francisco.

In her short time at Clover, she has had “more leadership than I ever could have imagined.” “And,” she adds, “the employees here are committed to the brand. Leadership appreciates what we do – all of us. Everyone contributes.”

Another thing Adrienne noticed about Clover was a commitment that extended beyond the brand to the community as a whole. “When you work for Clover, it’s unbelievable how you get involved in the community.”

For Adrienne, Clover is where she feels she was destined to land. “I finally feel part of a community, but a community that challenges me.”

Asked to talk more about this, Adrienne elaborated and provided this example:

“When I started at Clover, they had just finished a fundraising drive for a Clover Employee – Eddie Zentner – who was raising money for LLS on behalf of his son Jayden. Jayden was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 4 but is currently in remission. Eddie was raising money through the benefits he was organizing when employees at Clover got wind of his efforts. In no time, our marketing team put together and distributed flyers asking for donations, and our HR team created an option to do automatic payroll deductions to make donations easier. It was an incredible company effort that helped Eddie reach the fundraising amount to win the LLS man of the year award.”

As Adrienne said, “I was now in a place and with a company that would foster meaningful interactions.” It’s all of these interactions at Clover and in the larger Petaluma community that helped her realize, “This is the community that I was seeking when I moved out of SF.”