Gino Norris

Gino Norris says he was “pretty young” when he started at Clover in 1988, about twenty years old. “There were a lot of fun people at Clover. It was like working with friends. We had fun while we worked.”

When asked what made working at Clover fun, Gino says “Oh, just guys being guys. On the night crew. After work, we’d hang out eating and drinking at the sports bar. There was a period for a couple of years when we played a lot of baseball––at a ballpark at 5:30 in the morning after we finished the night shift.

Since Gino started, Clover has almost doubled the total number of employees and, as he points out, the number of employees in the warehouse has tripled. Gino would know. He is the lead foreman at the Lakeville warehouse, responsible for making sure products get loaded onto trucks and sent to the new warehouse, and also making sure all of the numbers match and were received at the new warehouse

He’s both proud and happy to work at Clover. “Clover sets its own standards. you know you’re associated with quality. The Benedetti’s have always thought about the good of the employees, taken care of people. They take care of you. They give back to the community.”

He thinks this approach to work, life, people, and community is extended through Clover Cares. “You see all the sponsorship signs showing strong local support from Clover. Local used to be Sonoma. Now it’s all of Northern California.”

Of course, with growth comes change. Back when Gino started, he says, “Everybody knew everything. Now, it’s definitely different but we all still have a strong personal attachment to what we make and how we make it.”

Gino has always especially liked the local aspect of Clover, of thinking and acting local wherever the company does business. He’s excited and optimistic about the potential to do more good for the community along with Clover’s growth. “Sure. Things have changed––and for the better of the community along with Clover’s growth.

Reflecting on the past and looking forward to Clover’s future, Gino says, “We are a very lucky community to have Clover as a part of it all and to have Clover’s support. “