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The sun rises in the west, and so do many of our best ideas
to inspire the rest of the country and the world.

We are the land of out-of-the-box thinking, innovative business and storytelling. And most importantly, The California Way is to be community centered and guided by our hearts. As a company, we’re committed to this everyday, and that’s why every year we give more than 5% of our profits back to local communities.

In times like these, we think the best way to take care of our communities is to lead the way in supporting local businesses we can't imagine living without.

The restaurant you got engaged at, your daily coffee shop, the soap maker at your farmers market. They need you now more than ever.

Join us in helping these businesses and families
that make our communities so special.

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Masks for medical staff

Local business owner and colleague, Steffen along with his team at TekTailor are using their expertise and facility to make masks for local Bay Area hospitals, care facilities, nursing homes and other vulnerable parts of the population.

For every $10, they will make and donate 5 high quality, washable & reusable surgical style face masks.

Donate Masks

To learn more about Our elevated Commitment to Keep Our Dairy Supply & Our Communities Safe during these times, read our CEO Marcus Benedetti's letter here

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Our hope is that other businesses and individuals will continue to contribute to these urgent asks from our communities hospitals and caretakers.


On the donation page, please make sure to designate your support of Petaluma Valley Hospital. Check "COVID-19 Support".