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We think that raising the bar begins with demanding integrity — in our farming practices, the treatment of our animals and the quality of our products. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. So much so that we measure the quality of our farms and products against our own rigorous standards (the toughest in the industry) that far exceed state and federal regulations.


What Quality
Means to Us


We closely monitor bacteria count, coliform count, and somatic cell count. There are two good measures for “cleanliness” of milk that we check in the Quality Assurance laboratory — bacterial cell counts and somatic cell counts. Low numbers of bacterial cells and somatic cells indicate that the cows are healthy and free from infection, the udders were properly cleaned before milking, and the milking equipment is being properly cleaned. Lower cell counts also give milk that fresh clean Clover milk flavor that we all enjoy.

We have a comprehensive food safety plan here at the bottling plant and a team of conscientious and dedicated employees that carry it out. This keeps our milk free from contamination, adheres to the industry’s best food safety practices, and ensures we deliver a clean safe product to our customers—all of the time and every time.

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Hear From Clo
      Twelve months ago, we embarked on a journey to strengthen the Clover brand. We started with our two well-known local names, Clover Stornetta Farms and Clover Organic Farms, and merged them into one, Clover Sonoma.
      In the process, we updated all of our packaging and made the decision to convert all of our conventional milk to meet Non-GMO Project Verified standards. None of these decisions were made lightly, but all of them were made to make Clover a better brand for you and a stronger brand for the future ...