Where we work is where we live

We’ve spent 100 years in these hills. The combination of pasture and the farmers who care for the cows who make the milk results in incomparable tastes and freshness. We’re proud to source from a select group of small family farms across Northern California.


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We understand that the secret to superior milk is no secret at all.

It begins with open, honest and sustainable practices that are in harmony with terroir. We have operations in place to improve soil condition, protect water quality and maintain the land for forage and wildlife. Clover’s family farms focus on taking care of the land so it can continue to produce year after year. Sustainability practices move beyond industry standards. All of our farmers understand that everything begins with the land. It’s not only where we work. It’s also where we live, from one generation to the next.

Nick and Amber Buttke Dairy

Jim Riebli Dairy

McClure Dairy

The McIsaac and son Diary

Bivalve Dairy

promiseIn 1994, Clover Farms became the first dairy processor to elevate milk from a commodity to a special food by establishing the North Coast Excellence Certified (NCEC) program. In 2016 we have renewed our commitment to these standards, renamed the Clover Promise of Excellence.