Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts stand no chance with Gallon-da the Witch standing guard.  She’s just the right amount of spooky-sweet to get your home in the Halloween spirit, and if you want her to, she can even hand out candy from her cauldron. Not to mention, she’s made from a recycled Clover gallon milk jug…hence her name, Gallon-da the Witch! 😉





This Clover Craft is brought to you by our talented Clover Employee, Lorena Valencia!

Materials needed:

A one gallon Clover Milk jug

A tomato cage

2 1/2 yards of desired fabric (for witch’s dress)

6 ft. of yarn (for witch’s hair)

1 ft. of thin ribbon

A witch hat

1-2 ft. of thick ribbon

Wrapping Wire

A cauldron

OPTIONAL – Fake flowers and spiders

Tools needed:


Hot glue gun

Green paint (for face) + black and white paint (for face details)

Paint brushes (1 large, 1 small/fine)


Paint the entire gallon green, let dry. Then paint the details of her face, using the handle as the nose.

(Prior to painting if you like to add a wart on the nose, place a big blob of glue on the nose, and once dry proceed to paint face)

While the gallon dries, sinch the ends of the tomato cage together with the wire (approximately 6 inches down).

Use the thin ribbon and tie each handle of the Cauldron and wrap it around the top (sinched ends up) of the Tomato Cage.

Drape the fabric over the top of the tomato cage and place the fabric behind the cauldron (This will give the illusion of arms holding the cauldron).

Cut 12-inch strands of hair out of the entire roll of yarn.

Hot glue the strands to the inside of the witch hat.

Decorate the outside of the witch hat with flowers and spiders (optional).

Place the gallon over top of the sinched tomato cage.

Glue witch’s hat to the top of the gallon.

Add a big bow around her neck to cover any exposed tomato cage.

And now, you have your very own Gallon-da the Witch to decorate your front porch this Halloween season!

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