Yogurt Parfait with Gluten-Free Granola

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Mornings are busy! Everyone is rushing to get out of the house and to their respective destinations on time. More often than not, that means breakfast on the go.

We’ve all heard how important that first meal of the day is. After hours of fasting through the night, our bodies need a nutritious breakfast to fuel the full slate of activities ahead, both mental and physical.

That’s where a healthy, protein-packed breakfast can come to the rescue. Protein provides the steady energy we’re looking for to tackle the work or school day ahead, and hold us over until lunch. It helps us feel satisfied and diminishes those between meal cravings that can lead us to consume additional, unneeded calories.

Start Your Day with Clover Yogurt

Starting your day with Clover yogurt insures you’re getting a delicious, nutritious, and readily available source of protein. You can enjoy a serving right out of the container; blend it with Clover milk and your choice of frozen fruit for a creamy smoothie; or make a layered parfait with fresh fruit and granola.

Our Clover Natural and Organic Low Fat Yogurt is available in large 24 oz. containers or 6 oz. single serving sizes that are perfect for snacking. Clover Organic Cream On Top whole milk yogurt is also available in portable 6 oz. sizes that make it easy to carry on-the-go.

Introducing Organic Greek Yogurt

And this year Clover is proud to introduce our new line of superior quality Organic Greek Yogurt.

Each delicious flavor is carefully crafted in authentic Greek tradition using fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk and the finest premium organic fruits. Silky smooth and mildly tangy this protein rich yogurt has a thick, creamy texture that will dance in your mouth and keep you feeling satisfied all day. True to our udder passion for excellence you won’t find artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Try all six udderly delicious flavors and join the Cloga party!

Compliment Your Cup of Yogurt with this Gluten-Free Granola Recipe

Try your flavorite Clover yogurt with this yummy video recipe for Gluten-Free Granola from the Cooking Guru show (written recipe below).

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Yogurt Parfait with Gluten-Free Granola
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