Compliance with California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657)

Clover Sonoma proudly stands behind the selection process for the partners we chose to work with. In doing so, Clover ensures that our suppliers maintain a high level of ethical standards. We manufacture products in the United States and our facilities are subject to California laws and regulations regarding human trafficking and forced labor.

Clover requires compliance with all state and federal laws within our operations, including the sourcing and selection of suppliers we work with. Clover’s main suppliers, our family owned and operated dairies, are also based in California. Clover has dedicated personnel to support and monitor our incoming raw milk supply.

In addition to our raw milk supply, Clover has additional inputs, in which we reserve the right to audit or utilize a third party to conduct audits to ensure compliance with SB 657.

Clover utilizes Supply Agreements with our vendors and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate business relationships at any time for failure to adhere to applicable laws and regulations, including those related to human trafficking and forced labor.

Our employees involved in the procurement of goods and services are knowledgeable of the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act and continue to ensure we work with organizations that share our same values and ethics.