Photo by: Karen Pavone Photography

Article By: Vanessa Childers

Source: Conscious Company 

“Measuring revenue growth by positive impact creates a flywheel that generates more efficiency, profitability, and sustainability that will transcend generations. It’s that simple” says Benedetti.

These forward-thinkers are saying no to profit at all costs and yes to advancing a new business-as-usual.

Conscious leadership comes in many shapes and sizes that are not necessarily mutually exclusive: the entrepreneur whose business model, from the get-go, is a vehicle for positive global change; the impact investor who funds purpose-driven companies; the CEO who radically transforms a traditionally run business or industry for the good of all stakeholders; the leader who creates a workplace culture where team members thrive and feel genuinely valued; the person who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to cultivating the practice of conscious leadership on an individual level through self-development work; and the thought leader whose ideas inspire a new class of game-changers to join the movement. The common denominator here is someone whose values extend beyond self-gain to the wellbeing of others, whose business practices align with and reflect those values, and whose stakeholders — employees, consumers, and planet — can attest to the positive impact of their strategies…

#2 Marcus Benedetti, Chairman & CEO

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