As the leading producer of the highest-quality, best-tasting dairy in California, weโ€™ve been dedicated to taking conscious action to care for the planet for more than 100 years. We go above and beyond to build a better, more sustainable future for our family farms, community, and planet.

Sustainability Begins on the Farm

Healthy soil is the infrastructure for productive and sustainable agriculture. Our family farms work year-round to regenerate the land resulting in minimizing erosion and increased on-farm biodiversity. In total, our organic dairies manage more than 25,000 acres of pasture. They leverage sustainable practices that enhance the health of the land. All of our organic dairies implement a minimum of five regenerative practices such as rotational grazing, no-till farming and crop-animal integration.

Animal Welfare

The sustainable environment our family farms provide our cows allows for a healthier place for the cows to thrive. They prioritize cow comfort by giving them the ability and space to express natural behaviors, feeding them a nutritious diet of fresh hay, grass and grains, and providing clean bedding to rest on. Our dedication to humane animal treatment is why we were the first U.S. dairy to be American Humane Certified in 2000. Happier, healthier cows produce better milk and for that we are grateful.

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