Family Farms

The heart of our dairy is the independent family farms we partner with across Northern California. Their expertise and care make the difference in our dairy from farm to table. While some have up to six generations of dairy experience, all of them share our values and commitment to delivering delicious products that are good for our community with the warmth of a local touch. 

Meet Our Dairy Farmers

Dedicated, hard-working, and family-focused, our dairy farmers uphold the importance of ensuring every product meets the standards of taste and quality you expect from the Clover Sonoma name and the Clover Promise of Excellence.

Aggio Dairy Inc.

Santa Rosa

Located in Santa Rosa, this fifth-generation dairy farm joined Clover in 2013. The Aggio family’s history in the dairy industry started back in 1906, and today the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations help out on the farm.

Amos Bros. Dairy

Santa Rosa

Matt and Cubby Amos are proud to be taking forward a family dairy legacy that dates back to grandfather Glenn’s migration from Canada to Petaluma in the 1940s with a dairy that is situated on land first settled by homesteaders who arrived in Northern California in ox-pulled wagons in 1854.


Beretta Family Dairy

Santa Rosa

Located in the Santa Rosa plains, this third generation dairy has been shipping organic milk to Clover since September 2018. The Beretta Dairy is truly a family operation with the fourth generation an integral part of the daily chores. When not on the dairy, father Doug and his daughter Jennifer give much of their time to the agricultural community by serving on various committees and boards.


Bivalve Dairy

Pt. Reyes Station

Bivalve Dairy has been shipping to Clover since 2023. Recipients of 2023 Dairy of the Year and Agricultural Institute of Marin Climate Action Champion in 2022, the Taylors are committed to excellence and sustainability as demonstrated through their pasture management and grazing strategies.



Deniz Dairy


Deniz Dairy has been in business for 87 years, with the third generation training the fourth generation now, shipping to Clover since 2023. They utilize a manure separator and composter to reduce methane emissions and create bedding for their cows.




Dolcini Jersey Dairy


Producing organic milk for Clover since 2011, the Dolcinis date back to the 1800s and are a sixth generation dairy that raise Jersey cows, known for producing creamy milk with high butterfat content.

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Domenic & Lynda Carinalli Dairy


The Carinalli Dairy has been in the dairy business since the 1960s and in 2015, they became certified organic. They joined Clover in 2023 and are the only family farm that raises Guernseys. In addition to the dairy, the Carinallis also have been producing wine for nearly 20 years.


Double D Dairies


The “D” in Double D stands for “Danny’s Dream.” Danny Agresti had always wanted to start a dairy but was tragically killed in an automobile accident. His father and brother lived out his dream, starting Double D Dairies in 2005, and joining Clover in 2016. The Double D Dairies utilize manure management technologies like methane digesters and manure separators to decrease their carbon footprint.


Doug & Cathy Ielmorini Dairy


With deep roots in dairy dating back to their ancestors in Northern Italy, the lelmorinis built their farm from the ground up. To this day, they are milking all Jerseys on land that spans 1,160 beautiful acres in Marin County.

Ielmorini-Moody Dairy


The Moody family of the lelmorini-Moody Dairy come with a long lineage of dairy starting in 1933. They’ve been with Clover for over a decade and were the first Clover dairy to milk their cows with robotic milking equipment in 2023.

Jim Riebli Dairy


A Clover dairy since 1999, Jim Riebli is a third generation dairyman, working the same farm that his grandfather started in 1942, with the intent of handing it off to his two daughters. The Riebli Dairy spans 225-acres in Petaluma and utilizes many regenerative practices including no-till farming.

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Joe Pinheiro Dairy

Santa Rosa

At the age of eighteen, Joe immigrated to the United States from the island of Faial in the Azores. When he found the beautiful 150 acre piece of land outside Santa Rosa in 1964, Joe knew he was home. Fifty years later, Pinheiro Dairy remains a local standout.


Kehoe Dairy


A Clover dairy since 1999, the Kehoe Dairy celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2022. The Kehoe brothers, Tom, Tim and Mike, now run the dairy that their grandfather, James Kehoe started in 1922 in Point Reyes.


Lafranchi Ranch


A Clover dairy since 1999, Lafranchi Ranch was originally founded in 1919. Their 1,150 organic acre farm has been passed down through the generations. Leveraging regenerative agriculture practices, they provide manure solids to West Marin Compost.


Mertens Dairy


The Mertens Dairy has been in business since 1968 and has been dedicated to producing high quality milk for the last 55 years. This third generation family farm joined Clover in 2023.


Morrison Dairy

Santa Rosa

The Morrison Dairy spans four generations of dairy farmers. Shipping organic milk to Clover since September 2018, they were the first in Sonoma County to build a carousel milk barn and continue to focus on innovative solutions to this day.


Mountain View Jerseys

Valley Ford

Mountain View Jerseys, owned and operated by the Bianchi Family, is a 5th generation farm established in 1918, dedicated solely to milking Jersey cows. With regenerating the land in mind, they grow their own forage using no-till methods. Fun fact! Scenes from the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” were filmed here.

Nick & Amber Buttke Dairy


Nestled in the rolling hills south of Sebastopol, the Nick and Amber Buttke Dairy has been in business for five generations. At their current farm for almost 40 years, they began shipping to Clover in 2013. As a kid, Nick grew up learning about dairying from his grandfather and father. He and Amber are excited to pass that rich tradition onto their four sons – a.k.a. “The Buttke Boys!”

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N. McIsaac & Son Dairy


A Clover dairy since 1999, the McIsaac family have been dedicated to preserving the land in Marin County for four generations. As Neil II says, “We need to take care of the land and our animals to ensure that we’ll be here next year and beyond.” Additionally, they are home to our Organic Pasture Raised Eggs.

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Perucchi Dairy


The Perucchis have been a Clover dairy since 1999, and have provided milk to Sonoma County residents for more than 50 years. Receiving grants in 2021 and 2022 from Zero Foodprint, they have implemented regenerative projects that increase carbon capture.

Renati Dairy


The Renati Dairy spans four generations. In 2011, under the partnership of a father and his twin sons, they started shipping milk to Clover. Nestled among pastures west of Petaluma, the farm is ideal for dairy cows and grazing. In 2013, it was certified organic, and the Renatis have been shipping organic milk to Clover ever since.

Roy King Dairy


Petaluma-based Roy King Dairy has been a family farm for three generations and with Clover since 2014. They are dedicated to producing the finest dairy possible for Clover Sonoma.

Spaletta Ranch


With family roots in dairy since the 1800s, the Spaletta Ranch is the epitome of a family farm. Today, three generations actively work together on the pristine and beautifully situated pastureland. They have been a part of the Clover family since 2011.


Gerald Spaletta Dairy


Keeping with family tradition, Gerald and his wife started the Gerald Spaletta Dairy and have been part of the Clover family since 2011. Today, the fifth generation is keeping the Spaletta family legacy alive.

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Terrilinda Farms

Santa Rosa

Terrilinda Farms joined Clover in 2012. They were a recent recipient of the California Department of Food and Agriculture Alternative Manure Management Program funding to implement a project that improves manure management and reduce methane emissions.



Tony and Fatima Garcia Dairy


Tony and Fatima Garcia’s Dairy in Modesto joined Clover in 2016. Dedicated to animal welfare, the Garcias are using a dairy herd monitoring system to ensure they have the most up-to-date health status for all of their cows.


Vevoda Dairy


Organic since 2006 and with Clover since 2015, the three-generation Vevoda Dairy has made its home in the Victorian village of Ferndale, a five-minute drive from California’s undeveloped lost coast.