B Corp Certified

Our mission is to use business as a force for good to produce quality dairy products that honor our care for the animals, environment, family farms and the communities we serve. We are committed to developing better standards, and following best practices โ€” all to produce positive, sustainable outcomes.

Image of cows in a green pasture with a sunny sky. On top of the image is the large Certified B Corporation logo.
Image of cows in a green pasture, with a blue sky.

Celebrating our 7th year as a B Corp

As trailblazers in the dairy industry, we consistently push boundaries and establish standards that confront social, economic, and environmental challenges. This represents what we see as the new standard and what consumers should expect from a conscious dairy.


Since attaining our first B Corp certification in 2016, we remain true to our mission to ensure that our business practices match the quality of our products.

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Image of an employee in a warehouse setting.

As a B Corp Business, we believe in:

  • Environmental Responsibility


  • Employee Well-being


  • Transparency and Openness
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