Clover’s New Renewable Carton


Clover Sonoma is excited to announce the launch of the first fully renewable plant-based milk carton in the United States as part of our continued focus on sustainable packaging.

This new renewable carton is made with FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) paperboard as well as green bioplastic liner. Traditional cartons use a fossil fuel based plastic liner for the inside and outside of the carton. This liner acts as a moisture barrier so that the cartons don’t disintegrate. With the bioplastic, our new 100% renewable cartons have less than 50% of the carbon footprint of a traditional carton.

In the past, we’ve made the conscious decision to reduce plastic waste by saying “no” to plastic caps on paper cartons. In doing so, Clover has prevented more than 227,000 pounds of plastic from entering landfills in 2019 alone.

The fully renewable carton can be found on shelves in our organic half gallon beginning in August and in the organic quart milk carton, in November. Look for it soon and learn more on our Sustainability page.