A FEAST to Remember

Clover Sonoma® and Los Angeles-based nonprofit FEAST partner with a shared mission to support marginalized and food insecure families, children, and communities in LA through nutrition education, access to healthy foods, and empowering programs. 

As part of Clover Cares giveback program, Clover Sonoma is dedicated to empowering future generations, by offering education around healthy food choices, providing access to those foods, and creating experiences that build a foundation for growth. In addition, Clover Sonoma is a pilot program member of the JEDI Collaborative, working with the natural products industry to frame the business case for embedding justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into our entire food ecosystem. Through a donation of $15,000 to support FEAST programs, we are taking action to fulfill our JEDI commitments.

To kick off our partnership with FEAST in August, we held a virtual back-to-school event with Chef Courtney Storer around creating a healthy, well-balanced RAINBOW lunch. We invited 18 FEAST families to join a cooking demonstration where parents and children made Rainbow Wraps with colorful whole foods, veggies and pico de gallo, along with Clover Sonoma organic Monterey Jack Cheese. This paired well with our new Clover the Rainbow smoothies, which are an excellent protein and calcium source that offer billions of probiotics. MTV The Hills reality show star, mom, and entrepreneur Whitney Port also joined the event to support the cause as an advocate of women’s health, kid empowerment, and mental wellness. We cheersed our rainbow wraps with our Clover the Rainbow smoothies and enjoyed the vibrant flavors!

To continue to highlight the importance of nutrition education, Clover Sonoma will  sponsor FEAST’s Family Feeding program — a kid-friendly nutrition and wellness program for FEAST families modeled on the importance of whole foods, nutrition, and family meals. The nutrition curriculum will focus on the benefits of eating a rainbow of foods, balancing fun activities with nutrition education. The Family Feeding  program will launch in January 2022. Supplemental materials to support families will be hosted on FEAST’s website, as well as shared via Clover Sonoma to expand its reach and inspiration. FEAST families will also receive Clover Cash to purchase Clover products at their local grocery stores.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Clover Sonoma to develop our new whole-family-focused curriculum,” said FEAST Executive Director Dana Rizer. “It’s exciting to be able to engage parents and their children to develop healthy eating, cooking and food-shopping skills. By providing food education, access to nutritious food, and social and emotional support, together, we’ll be able to help families take meaningful steps forward on their path towards a healthy life.” 

As part of our “Power Your BrillianceTM” campaign, we look to FEAST kids to inspire us with their stories. Those stories will be spotlighted on our social media channels and on our Clover the Rainbow website. We’re excited to share this initiative with you and hope you come back to find out more. 

Please join us in continuing to support FEAST in their efforts and donate here!