Camping with Clover: Food Storage Safety Tips for Summer Fun

Summer is prime camping season! If you’re packing up to conquer the great outdoors, you can take delicious Clover dairy products along for the ride–providing you follow a few food storage safety tips to avoid spoilage that could turn your trip sour.

  1. Freeze meats, seafood, bags of frozen veggies and non-carbonated beverages to help your cooler stay cold longer. Frozen foods and juice boxes can double as ice packs (and provide cold drinks at the ready as the boxes thaw.)
  2. Refrigerate other perishable foods at home (fresh fruits, veggies and dairy) before you pack your cooler. Seal frozen meats and yogurt (and other containers that hold dips and sauces) in heavy duty ziplock plastic bags to protect against leakage.
  3. Chill an insulated cooler by filling it with ice 30 minutes prior to adding the food. *Note: block ice will last longer than cubes or chunks of ice.
  4. Ideally, plan to keep drinks and refrigerated foods in separate coolers. Storing drinks with your food means the cooler will be opened and closed frequently, which will cause the ice to melt faster.
  5. Pack the food you will use first on top, and try to group food by meals to avoid unnecessary opening and rearranging of the cooler. Surround perishables with plenty of ice/ice packs to keep foods cold until you reach your destination. Use an appliance thermometer to check that your cooler stays at 40°F or below (frozen foods should be stored at or below 0°F).
  6. When you arrive at your campsite, store the coolers in a shady spot or in the coolest part of your car. Depending on weather conditions, and sufficient restocking of ice, your cooler should stay refrigerated for several days, but for no more than a week.

Following these simple steps will help ensure your food stays properly chilled during all of your summer adventures. Stay cool!

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