Clover Participates in Agent-For-A-Day, Operation: Happy Cows

Clover was recently included in a very special day! We had the pleasure of taking part in an especially fun Agent-For-A-Day event and experience for a 13-year-old local Sonoma County girl, who recently received some distressing news. Allyson has been diagnosed with a Stage 4 Midline Thalamic Glioma with H3k27M mutation. Her prognosis is not good – this type of brain tumor is inoperable and untreatable. Allyson’s grandfather, who is a retired local Police Sergeant, explains, she comes from a long line of law enforcement family, and has always expressed interest in being an FBI Special Agent or CHP Officer. Hence Operation: Happy Cows was born. The brainchild of collaborating law enforcement agencies.

In these challenging times of COVID-19, getting an event together with all the additional restrictions can be very tough, but through the dedication and organization of our local law enforcement chapters, the day was seamless and perfect. Allied Agencies involved included, the FBI, DEA, HSI, US Army National Guard, California Highway Patrol, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Santa Rosa Police Department, Windsor Police Department, and Sonoma County Fire District (Windsor, Larkspur, Santa Rosa) – special thanks to all.

Operation: Happy Cows

The first scene played out at the North Bay facility as Allyson and her family arrived to a welcoming sea of marked and unmarked law enforcement and Fire vehicles all with their lights blazing. They were escorted into the building where FBI Special Agent in Charge of FBI Northern California swore Allyson in as a FBI Agent-For-A-Day. Allyson was presented with a mock investigative takedown including the FBI SWAT bearcat with allied agencies (named above), mock arresting of her 13-year-old cousin in an espionage trademark conspiracy. The theme of the faux investigation was the conspiracy to sell Clover’s secret ingredient in our delicious chocolate milk, in exchange for a hefty reward. At the close of the day (and investigation) we arrived in our old fashioned Divco delivery truck, where Allyson was presented with a goodie bag full of fun Clo items, fresh Clover Chocolate Milk, and one of every delightful flavor of Clover Ice Cream (allowing her to try them all).

It was a great day for a great cause! To follow Allyson’s story, learn more, and support, please visit:

Her family is currently looking into treatments that are trial based or experimental, even those available outside of the US, in an effort to save her life.