B Corp Certified

Doing our dairy best.

Certified B Corporations represent a new (conscious!) way to do business—one that balances purpose and profit. It also represents a new way to help conscious consumers make purchasing decisions that matter to them.

Becoming B Corp certified is no easy task. Businesses are judged and scored on how their practices impact their community, environment, and workers.

We’re proud to have been B Corp certified since 2016—and as a consumer, you should feel good knowing that you’re drinking milk from a company whose practices are as good as the produce.

Job Creation 1.3
Diversity & Inclusion 2.5
Civic Engagement & Giving 4.4
Local Involvement 4.2
Suppliers, Distributors & Product 6.5
Local Economic Development 16.0
Environment 29.3
Land, Office, Plant 4.2
Inputs 6.5
Outputs 3.5
Transportation Distribution & Suppliers 3.7
Land/Wildlife Conservation 2.7
Toxin Reduction/Remediation 8.5
Workers 24.9
Compensation & Wages 8.5
Benefits 8.6
Training & Education 0.6
Worker Ownership 2.2
Management & Worker Communication 1.3
Job Flexibility/Corporate Culture 1.5
Occupational Health & Safety 1.1
N/A Points 0.7
Governance 7.6
Mission & Engagement 1.1
Corporate Accountability 0.5
Ethics 1.1
Transparency 2.3
Mission Locked 2.5
Total 96.9
Qualifying Score: 80
Median Score: 50.9
B Corp businesses believe ...
Businesses have a responsibility to the planet
Employees deserve more than the bare minimum
Companies should be transparent and open
Look for the Seal!
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