Clover cares Giveback Program

We’re all part of the same Clommunity.

Love is at the heart of Clover—and we’ve always believed in giving back. In fact, we’ve committed to donating at least 5% of our annual profits to support what’s dear to us:

  • Elevating Dairy
  • Empowering Future Generations
  • Supporting our Clommunity

Organizations that share one or more of these values are invited to request support by way of sponsorship, monetary donation, or product donation.

Our Clover Cares Giveback Program Criteria
If your organization gives back in one or more of the following ways, we'd love to hear from you!
Support, scale or share sustainable, healthy farming, or environmental practices.
Raise the bar on standards for animal treatment, land conservation, and product quality.
Share best practices and thought leadership on how to use business as a force for good.
Happy Cows On Family Farms
Provide educational and extracurricular opportunities for children.
Build character and life skills through values based youth development programs.
Create greater opportunity for family farming to continue among the next generations.
Lane Buttke Buttke Family Farm
Build community engagement, learning and sharing.
Share products with community groups who will benefit from donations.
Support important programs serving the local community.
Butter & Eggs Day Parade 2018

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