Clover Eggshell Garden

Right now is challenging for everyone, whether you are feeling uncertain about your future, trying to teach your kids how to focus on schoolwork, or simply trying to find fun things to do while stuck at home. We hope that we can provide some fun, inexpensive ideas to keep your mind off those negative news feeds.

Inspired by our love of local farms, we bring you our “Clover Eggshell Garden” project. Instead of tossing your broken eggshells in the garbage or compost, put them to a new use with this fun project! We hope you will all join us in planting some new seeds and watching them grow!


  1. Crack the eggshells (and make something yummy!). When you are cracking the shells, make sure to crack at the top part of the shell and retain the bottom for use. You can also use a knife to crack the eggshell and then cut around the eggshell. Be as careful as possible to not break too much of the eggshell (the goal is to keep as much of the bottom half intact as possible).
  2. Rinse the eggshells with water.
  3. Place the shell bottom back into the egg carton, then poke a small hole at the very bottom of the shell with a knife to allow for water to drain.
  4. With a spoon, add soil to the eggshell.
  5. Add seeds according to directions on package.
  6. Spritz eggshells with water.
  7. Water plants accordingly, watch and wait for seedlings to sprout.
  8. Once sprouts have grown enough to transfer to your garden. Dig a large enough hole in your garden and gently crack the eggshells to allow roots to grow, place eggshells in your garden.

Enjoy your eggcellent new garden!