Clover Milk Carton Bird Feeder

We love watching birds fly through our backyard and to listen to them chirp in the morning with the waking sun. This upcycled Milk Carton Birdhouse craft is a fun DIY project to do with kids, or all on your own – and it’s sure to make all of the birds stop by your yard for a cheerful visit.


  1. Use a hot glue gun (or any fast drying glue) to close your carton back up and punch a hole in the center, top piece of the gable (where the date code is) so you can hang your birdhouse later.
  2. Cut a hole on one side of the carton (we cut a triangle but could be any shape a small bird could fit in), you could cut a hole on opposite sides so there are openings for two birds if you’d like (or for the bird to fly through).
  3. Get creative and paint the carton however you’d like, we chose a darker blue spray paint and added white polka dots once dried.
  4. Cut stick into 3 inch long pieces and glue them to the top of both sides of carton gable to create a roof.
  5. Punch a hole approximately 1/2 way down, below the opening you cut and insert a 6-7 inch stick to create a perch. We secured outs with a little extra hot glue around the stick inside the carton.
  6. Add twine through the hole you made in the top of your carton (in step #1) to create a loop to hang.
  7. Add seed to the inside of the feeder, place outside and enjoy the birds!