Petaluma’s strong sense of community and beautiful scenery help us attract top caliber talent from other regions in the country.

Source: Petaluma Star

Who They Are & What They Do

Clover Sonoma is a third-generation, family-owned and operated dairy in Petaluma, California. The company strives to provide its customers with the highest quality dairy products on the market, while working with sustainable practices to preserve dairy farming on the north coast of California.

Clover products reflect care for family farms, animals, the environment and its communities.

By The Numbers

Clover was the first company west of the Mississippi to incentivize its dairies not to use bovine growth hormones and the first to be certified by the American Humane Association for animal welfare. Clover was also the first dairy processor to elevate milk from a commodity to a specialty food by establishing the Clover Promise of Excellence. Each week Clover processes milk supplied by its 29 organic and conventional dairy farms.

In 1969, Clo the Cow first appeared as the official mascot for Clover Brand products and has graced billboards in northern California ever since with her magnificent smile and witty puns.

Why Petaluma?

A Petaluma brand born and raised, Clover consolidated its operations in Petaluma because the city supports the region’s agricultural heritage while offering modern business benefits.

“Petaluma’s strong sense of community and beautiful scenery help us attract top caliber talent from other regions in the country,” says Marcus Benedetti, Clover Sonoma CEO and a fifth-generation Petaluma resident. “For decades, we’ve also worked closely with Petaluma-based family dairy farmers to produce the best milk on the market, and now our Clover Sonoma name expresses our heritage while looking to the future.”

Like many Petaluma companies, Clover is a leader in its industry. The company made an early entrance to provide and support organic dairy products and recently announced its commitment to convert its conventional fluid milk products to be Non-GMO Project Verified over the next two years. Its recent B CorpTM membership and pledge to remain independent and family-owned are also examples of its commitment to sustainability and quality.

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