2020, Time To Get Cultured!


Hello 2020, it’s time to get cultured!

New year, new… flu? January is in full swing, the month of new year’s resolutions, exercise, healthy eating, cold weather and well, colds. At a time where we are all striving to “be better”, many of us are also trying to get better from (or prevent) sickness.

By now we’ve all heard about “good bacteria” and the benefits it can have for your gut, but what about for your immune system? The live probiotic cultures in kefir and yogurt can not only play a critical role in aiding digestion, but can also help in bolstering the immune system.

Each probiotic found in Clover’s Organic Kefir and our Organic Yogurt play a different and important role in trying to keep us healthy:

  1. S. Thermophilus – considered to be the “workhorse” that produces antibodies to prevent illnesses.
  2. L. Bulgaricus – the first probiotic strain to be discovered, it is known to enhance immunity and promote gut health.
  3. L. Casei – an all-star probiotic aiding in overall digestion.
  4. L. Acidophilus – the superhero of probiotics helping fight allergies and enemy bacteria.
  5. B. Lactis – a true defender and a very powerful transient probiotic bacteria. B. Lactis enhances immunity, and improves digestion and can lower cholesterol.
  6. L. Rhamnosus – the helper of the bunch, this probiotic is best for stimulating the immune system, fighting allergies and helping people have fewer sick days.

On top of all this goodness for you, you can feel good about enjoying, knowing that the milk in our cultured products is American Humane Certified, ensuring the highest standard of humane treatment.

So grab that spoon or glass and make breakfast (or snack) a cultured one! Cheers to the new year, to better health, and feeling good!