5 Facts about Clover Sonoma’s Lactose Free Milk

Clover Sonoma is dairying to be great with our Lactose Free milk. It’s all part of our mission to make the most wholesome, best-tasting milk that anybody can enjoy. We get a lot of questions about lactose free milk – starting with simply what is the difference between regular milk and lactose free milk – and wanted to take the opportunity to answer them here.

Check out the 5 facts below to learn a bit more about Clover Sonoma’s Lactose Free Milk.

  1. What is Lactose Intolerance? If you’re lactose intolerant, you’re not allergic to milk – or even to lactose. Your body simply doesn’t produce enough of the lactase enzyme to fully break down the lactose, or milk sugar. The result is that the lactose passes undigested into your stomach, which can cause uncomfortable results.
  2. How does Clover Sonoma make Lactose Free milk? We add lactase enzyme to our fresh milk, which makes a lactose free drink that has all the benefits of regular milk (high quality protein, calcium, vitamins & minerals).The lactase enzyme added breaks down the lactose into two more easily digestible sugars: glucose and galactose.
  3. Is Lactose Free milk sugar free? Yes! Lactose Free Milk is sugar free. There is no sugar added in Clover Sonoma’s Lactose Free milk.
  4. Is Lactose Free milk made with fresh milk from Clover Sonoma? Lactose Free Milk is made with Clover Sonoma’s real fresh milk. It is the only American Humane Certified Lactose Free milk available.
  5. Does Clover have different options for Lactose Free milk? Clover Sonoma has 4 delicious options in Lactose Free milk: Whole, 2%, 1% and Chocolate (for a special treat). Find out where you can buy Clover’s Lactose Free milk here.