Clo Coloring Pages

As some of us are now spending the majority of our time at home with kids, we thought we’d update this post to share some additional printables that can hopefully add some fun Clo time for your kids. Feel free to check in during the next few weeks as we continue to share more as we have them!

Ready to color? Pull out those markers, crayons, and colored pencils!

Click on the links provided to access PDF versions of each of the following coloring pages, and press print!



Click to print: Clo Coloring Billboards 4-2-20
Click to print: Clo Coloring Billboards 3-31-20
Click to print: Clo Coloring Billboards 3-26-20
Click to print: Clo Coloring Billboards 3-24-20
Click to print: School Sipplies Click to print: Answer Key
Click to print: Clo’s Inspection Click to print:Eclo Friendly
Click to print: Northern CA Born and Grazed
Click to print: U.F. Clo