Clover is Cooking for Solutions

Hi, All.  Marcus Benedetti back again.  Many of you know Clover products from your grocery shelves and have come to associate our name with quality, great taste and all things right and wonderful in the world (that is our hope, in any case).  Well, we would like to expand your mind a little bit here today.  Not only is Clover a favorite among consumers in the grocery stores, it is the preferred product of many top chefs.

World Renowned Chef Thomas Keller

World Renowned Chef Thomas Keller

Those of us from Clover Country have the good fortune of being surrounded by some of the most exquisite cuisine this side of Paris.  Napa and Sonoma Counties have built a reputation as epicurean hubs, boasting such acclaimed establishments as Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry, Cindy Pawlcyn’s Mustard’s Grill, Michael Chiarello’s Bottega, not to mention the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Cyrus, John Ash, The Girl and the Fig, Redd, Bouchon, Domaine Chandon, the list literally goes on and on.  We are honored that the chefs of these and other fine restaurants choose to use Clover in the preparation of their outstanding dishes.

Speaking of famous chefs, this year Clover is proud to sponsor the 10th annual Cooking for Solutions at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Cooking for Solutions is an event which celebrates sustainable food and wine, featuring over 70 chefs and 60 wineries.  It is a truly wonderful, unrivaled event that teaches how our food and wine choices can help protect the soil, water and ocean life.  You are also able to spot quite a few celebrity chefs (Rick Moonen, Robert Irvine & Cindy Pawlcyn, for example).  We have been a long-time sponsor and voice at the table at this event and are excited to be participating again this year.  At Clover we are very focused on environmental stewardship and sustainability and are so happy to be able to be part of events that promote these values.  We are proud that the hard work and principles by which we run our company can be used as an example for the industry.  We would love to see you there!  For more information on Cooking for Solutions please visit:

So, the next time you are cooking up a masterpiece in your kitchen just know that distinguished chefs are using the same Clover Butter, Eggs, Milk, and Cream as you are – now what could be more delicious than that?