Jim Riebli Dairy

Third generation dairyman Jim Riebli became a Clover producer in the late 1990s after leaving a  co-op in search of a more personal, quality driven partnership where his milk would be revered as local.

“I chose to go with Clover because they are a small, family operated company and we are a small family farm. I’ve never looked back.” he says adding, “No matter where I go in the community (even the dentist chair), when people find out I’m with Clover they always tell me, ‘That’s the only milk I drink!’ It makes me proud to produce milk of the highest quality with the best taste.”

The Riebli family has been dairying on their land since Jim’s maternal grandfather established the farm on the northern outskirts of Petaluma in 1942. Soon after his mom and dad got married, the couple took over daily operations from his grandfather in 1962. They ran the conventional dairy until they retired in 1992, when Jim stepped in to continue the family business.