Clover Sonoma Announces Billboard Pun Contest!

By now you’ve probably heard that our beloved mascot Clo the Cow is celebrating her 50th birthday this year (2019)! With a half-century of clever puns and memorable billboard artwork, it’s safe to say that Sonoma County’s most legendairy bovine has brought smiles to millions of faces throughout the years. So much so, that thousands of you have asked us how you can submit your own pun ideas…

…Well, the time has finally come, because…

Clover is so excited to announce that we are launching a billboard pun contest!

That’s right! From June 1st to July 31, 2019, we are calling on clever punsters everywhere to submit your dairy best puns for cow-sideration ๐Ÿ˜‰

You’ll be entering for the chance to win $5,000 & see your winning pun on an actual Clover billboard!

This is not a drill! It’s finally time to warm up your punny bones and sharpen your pun-cils for a chance to go down in history with the one and only, Clo the Cow!ย  The pressure is on, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Needing a little inspiration?

There are so many classic favorites from the past that still linger in memory: Moona Lisa, Behind Clo’s Doors, Splendor In The Glass, Supreme Quart . . . and the list goes on (and on!). We even created a cow-lectible book to showcase them all! You can also view all of Clo’s billboards on our website gallery.

*Tip* We suggest going through the gallery of all of Clo’s previous billboards to ensure your pun hasn’t already been done.

Previous Billboard Contest Winners:

In 1989, Clover hosted the first official billboard contest. The contest garnered 7,481 submissions, and in the end, it was Ally Minatta who emerged as the winner for her entry, Tip Clo Through Your Two Lips, inspired by pop icon Tiny Tim’s ditty, Tiptoe Through The Tulips.

Twenty years later,ย  we decided to host our second contest (2009) which resulted in over 12,000 submissions! The lucky winner was Daniel Judd, for his take off on the popular movie line from Dirty Harry, Clo Ahead and Milk My Day. In addition to seeing his winning pun splashed on billboards across the countryside, Judd took home a $5,000 prize (that’s a lot of moo-la!).

Now that you’re inspired, are you ready to enter?

To enter, visit for official rules and submit your idea.

We can’t wait to hear from moo!