Doug & Cathy Ielmorini Dairy

In April of 2011 Clover welcomed The Doug & Cathy Ielmorini Dairy into our family of Clover producers.  Doug and Cathy have deep roots in the dairy industry, going all the way back to their ancestors in Northern Italy.  At 23 Doug’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to Nicassio Valley in Marin County, CA where, nestled deep in the hills, he found 1160 beautiful acres that needed a little TLC.  Doug, a 5th generation dairy farmer, saw the potential and knew he had found his home.

He and wife Cathy, a 3rd generation dairy farmer, set to work building a life for themselves on the property.  They repaired barns, built their house from the ground up, and began what is now a thriving dairy.  Today they share the ranch with their 4 kids, 200 cows and 5 Beagles and couldn’t be happier.  Doug explains, “I love my ranch because I built it from the ground up.  I do the best I can to give the best product I can each day.  Clover recognizes that and at the end of the day I know they will take care of me and my family.  I am very proud to be a Clover producer.”