Four Protein Packed Clover Products

Doing more of what you love means feeding your body the essential nutrients it needs to get you going.  That’s where we step in! Our products are loaded with the protein your body craves, giving you the ability to put your best foot forward in whatever you do.  So, here’s to laughing, dancing, hiking, biking, painting, and everything in between, because we’re breaking down Four Protein Packed Clover Products that will have you flying over the moo-n!


Four Protein Packed Clover Products

Whole Milk Greek Yogurt – 13 grams of protein

If you haven’t heard, fat is back and better than ever! In fact, a 2016 long-term study conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that middle-aged women who consumed high-fat dairy, were associated with a reduced likelihood of becoming overweight through the years.  Available in Plain, Honey, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Vanilla our Whole Milk Greek Yogurt satisfies your taste buds and your health!