Real Milk vs. Milk Alternatives: Not All “Milk” is Created Equal

In recent years, Americans have seen an increase in the popularity of non-dairy, plant-based milk substitutes in the market place. Alternative beverages made from soy, nuts, rice, coconut, oats, and even hemp have found their way into mainstream grocery dairy cases. Although they are designed to simulate good old-fashioned cow’s milk, do they really offer the same health benefits for children?

When compared glass for glass with the best selling non-dairy alternatives, milk still comes out on top as the most nutritious choice for kids and adults alike. Milk’s complete proteins contain all the essential amino acids children need to build muscle, support healthy metabolism, and improve immune function. In fact, the whey protein found in milk has the highest biological value of any protein source, which makes it easier for growing bodies to absorb and use.

At Clover, we have made a steadfast commitment to bring our customers the cleanest, freshest, best-tasting milk available in today’s marketplace. As a company, we have established rigorous standards for excellence and quality that exceed those required by both California and federal guidelines. Not only does Clover Organic MilkΒ carry the Non-GMO Verified seal, but our company was the first dairy in the United States to be American Humane Certified.

Clover milk is naturally packed with calcium to help kids build strong bones. Cow’s milk provides vital nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin and essential vitamins including B12 and D. That equals a nutritional powerhouse in every glass!

With no hormones or artificial preservatives in our products, Clover customers can drink our milk with confidence throughout every stage of life. We think that’s good reason to “Tip Clo through your two lips.”