Clover’s Social Media Challenge

Hi, All.  Marcus here.  As many of you know, social media (like blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) has become extremely popular.  I’ve heard that 18-34 year olds now spend 4.3 times more on social media sites than on TV, radios, newspapers, magazines and books combined.  That is huge!  Social media is changing the way we communicate personally, and, as a business, the way we market – look at me, this small town guy is even a “blogger” now 🙂

I have always considered myself a somewhat hip guy – Let’s be honest, we are all still carrying around our Walkmans, right? – and I continue to be “down” with the new trends.  However, listening to my younger cousins talk at family gatherings was like hearing a new language I didn’t quite understand; wall posts, tweets, status updates, tagging, pokes, it can be hard to keep up with all this new social technology!  As I didn’t want to be left in the dust holding my rotary phone I decided I had better jump on the social media bandwagon.

At Clover we have always known that we have the best fans in the world, and now we are happy to have more ways to interact with you directly.  We have created a Clover YouTube (“MooTube”) channel, a Twitter feed, this blog, and a Facebook page.

Our Facebook page has recently undergone some renovations and is now more interactive than ever.  To celebrate this new look and feel we would like to present our fans with a challenge:

5k by 5/5

Help us reach 5,000 Facebook fans by 5/5/2011 and Clover will donate $1,000 to the Sonoma County Community Foundation to be used towards Sustainable Agriculture Education

It is easy to participate.  Simply visit this link to our new “Welcome” tab and click any of the “Share” buttons:

You will be prompted to post the selected app (video, tweet, blog, or poll)  to your wall or send to friends via private message.  If we reach our goal of 5k fans by 5/5/2011 Clover will donate $1,000 toward sustainable agriculture education to help keep Clover Country green for generations to come!

Thank you for your support of Clover and our local cows.  Please continue to check into our social media channels for new content, videos, etc.