St. Patty’s Clo-Candy Dispenser

Clover Sonoma March 17, 2017


Created by: Lorena Valencia, of Clover Sonoma

Looking for a fun and creative way to collect your pot of gold for St. Patricks Day? Well, look no further! With a few sheets of paper and a couple Clover cartons, you can have yourself your very own  Clo-Candy Dispenser!


What you will need:

One empty half-gallon Clover Sonoma Milk carton

One empty 8 oz Clover Sonoma Cottage Cheese container

Hot Glue Gun

Construction Paper (Black, Green, and Yellow)


Green Ribbon


Printed 8 1/2 x 11 leprechaun or Clo the Cow face

Chocolate Coins


1. On carton’s front from the bottom, cut up about 6 inches from bottom to top – cutting a square out of the front.

2. Through the square, take a piece of yellow construction paper and fill the inside of the carton with it, by gluing it down with a hot glue gun.

3. Then cover the outside of the carton with green Construction paper, also using the glue gun to secure it.

4. Next use black construction paper to cover the outside of the cottage cheese container (converting into a pot of gold). Once you are done covering it, you can insert your pot of gold in the half gallon opening, you want it to stick out a little bit so you can see it.

5. Find a picture of a leprechaun (or Clo dressed as one) that you can print out at full 8.5x11” size, or draw your own and glue it on top of the carton (above your pot of gold). Then you can add your own cool bowtie if you like, by making it with a green sparkly ribbon.

6. Last, add the chocolate coins to the pot! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!