“Strong Inside” Celebrates the Inner Strength of Women

Just in time for Back to School, Clover has teamed up with championship athletes Brandi Chastain, Alysia Montaño, Jennifer Azzi, and Emmy-winning sports journalist Amy Gutierrez to work together on an advocacy program highlighting the many sources of female strength – everything from motherhood to competition to the benefits of good nutrition as kids head back into the classroom.

Through the advocacy of these four local female sports icons, we want to celebrate the strength of women and inspire others to harness their own inner strengths. Featuring U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Brandi Chastain, U.S.A. Outdoor Champion and distance runner Alysia Montaño, WNBA standout Olympic Gold Medalist Jennifer Azzi, and Emmy-winning sports journalist and author Amy Gutierrez, we invite you to watch as these game-changing Bay Area women come together to talk about how they overcame obstacles and keep their eye on the ball, on the court, field, track, or at home with their families.

We partnered with these inspirational individuals to showcase dynamic strength as athletes, but also as mothers, businesswomen, wives, and community leaders looking to empower future generations and help everyone to be “strong inside.” Seizing opportunities and facing challenges begin with believing in yourself and your ability to take on anything life throws at you and being the best you can be. This begins by powering your mind and body with the right fuel.

Stay Strong Inside with the Original Superfood

Milk has been a major source of nutrition for these athletes and their families. When it comes to children and nutrition, nothing can take the place of milk: it is an irreplaceable superfood that supports bone strength, improves mental focus, and helps with muscle repair.

“When it comes to sports, I believe the most important muscle in your body is from your shoulders up,” said Brandi Chastain. “You can have someone who’s incredibly strong or fit or technical, but if they can’t think under pressure or see the next best option, their overall effectiveness won’t be as high as it could be. I talk to my players about the importance of nutrition in helping their brains, and having good protein through a glass of milk is a perfect example of something they can do daily.”

Milk has eight naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, while non-dairy alternatives only have one or two. And it’s been proven that our bodies absorb those natural nutrients better than if they’re processed. Dietary trends come and go, but milk has remained a constant source of protein and calcium to build strong bones. Milk also has a perfect ratio of fats, carbohydrates, protein, and nutrients.

For anyone engaged in sports, it’s important to have “go-to” healthy nutrition. Even better, a healthy breakfast with milk has been shown to support children’s focus in school and on the field or court.

Clover Cares Supports Communities

As part of our Clover Cares giveback program, Clover Sonoma will be donating $2,500 including both cash and product to each non-profit affiliated with our “Strong Inside” athletes including, Girls on the Run (Alysia Montaño & Amy Gutierrez), Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative (Brandi Chastain), and Play Marin (Jennifer Azzi).

So… how do YOU stay Strong Inside? Share your #StrongInside story with us on Facebook and Instagram to continue the conversation. Visit our YouTube channel to watch all videos!