What’s in a Name?

In business, as in life, reputation is everything. Who you are and what you stand for are foundational pillars that say something about your value system, ethics, and identity.

So, after one hundred years of doing business, first as Clover, then as Clover Stornetta Farms, why change our name to Clover Sonoma?

“We carefully considered this name change for a long time,” says Kristel Corson, Director of Marketing. “Sonoma County is where we live and breathe. It’s the birthplace of Clover which was founded in 1916. Three generations later, this brand refresh is about honoring our past and strengthening the brand for the future.”

The brand update includes a much needed package redesign across all product lines, and a new logo.

“In truth, our conventional and organic packaging hadn’t been refreshed since the 1980’s and early 2000’s respectively,” says Corson. “As we look to expand into new markets in the years ahead, the timing was right.”

Fresh artwork depicts the rolling Sonoma County hills, dotted with oak trees and vineyards, with realistic line drawings of cows grazing on sweet pasture grasses. The new logo design, which appears across all product lines, reflects Clover’s sense of place, heritage, and of course, Clo!

Customers will be pleased to note the updated conventional packaging still incorporates a bold use of color to help consumers identify their preferred milk (although purple is now the “new pink”).

In addition, Clover’s former North Coast Excellence Certified seal has been updated as the Clover Promise of Excellence, and speaks to the promise we as a company, and our family farms, are making to the consumer about the quality of milk we deliver.

Clover’s long standing reputation for taking consumer feedback to heart was paramount during the rebrand process. We took the time to survey consumers throughout California, and engaged them in conversations to get their insights about Clover. What we found reinforced what we already knew. Again and again, people told us they appreciate the way we care for our dairy cows, the land, and the environment while making superior quality products and supporting local communities.

We also heard concerns about whether Clover would become too “corporate” as we grow, and we want you to know we will remain true to who we are. Small is beautiful, and we love our NorCal roots. Our lifestyle will continue to reflect our values of caring for the Earth, the animals, and ourselves. At the same time, we recognize growth as a unique opportunity to use our leadership role as a platform for sharing our mission to elevate dairy.

And what about our beloved bovine mascot, Clo Cow? Rest assured she is as much a part of our future vision, as she has been a part of our history. Clo remains front and center as a recognizable Northern California icon on our new logo and on labels across our product lines.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for our latest billboard campaign! Clover’s fun, punny billboards, which have played a huge part in defining our brand, are better than ever with some clever word play on Sonoma County’s wine industry. After all, it’s not just Wine Country; it’s Milk Country!

From our Clover Sonoma family to yours, you can depend on us to provide you with the same fresh, clean, wholesome dairy products you know and trust. After all, we’re still the only dairy company with love in our name.