Clover Sonoma Introduces New Lactose Free Milk

Karen Pavone March 2, 2018


Do you love milk, but milk doesn’t love you back?

If you are among the 30-50 million Americans that are lactose intolerant, we’ve got great news for you!

Introducing Clover Sonoma Lactose Free Milk—-the first and only Lactose Free milk in the country. Leave it to Clover to lead the way by Dairying Greatly once again. It’s all part of our mission to make the most wholesome, and best-tasting milk that anybody can enjoy.

What causes lactose intolerance? 

The culprit is actually not lactose (which is a fancy word for the sugar that naturally occurs in milk), but a little enzyme called lactase. Lactase is what our body naturally produces that breaks down milk sugar for optimal digestion. When your body doesn’t make enough of this enzyme, the lactose passes undigested into your stomach which can cause uncomfortable results.

By adding lactase enzyme to our fresh Clover milk, we make a lactose free drink that has all the benefits of regular milk (high quality protein, calcium, vitamins & minerals), and is easily digestible too!


“With Clover Sonoma Lactose Free Milk, everyone can enjoy the delicious Clover dairy they love, and get the calcium and nutrients they need for a healthy lifestyle.”

Available in four delicious options—-Clover  Sonoma Lactose Free whole milk, two percent reduced fat, one percent low fat and fat free—-you can easily choose the milk that’s right for you. And coming in April 2018, Clover will release rich and creamy Lactose Free Chocolate Whole Milk for a treat that treats your tummy right too.

What are you waiting for? Hoof it on down to Raley’s, Nugget Markets, and other local independent grocers to pick some up today!