It’s good to be a cow in milk country



Healthy cows are happy cows and we know that their quality of life directly impacts the quality and taste of their milk. The cows that are raised on our family farms have a good life: fine weather and open pasture with plenty of walking area, a diet of fresh grass, hay and grains, and clean bedding when they go to sleep.

we embrace the five freedoms of animal welfare

  • #1

    Freedom from hunger and thirst

  • #2

    Freedom from discomfort

  • #3

    Freedom from pain, injury or disease

  • #4

    Freedom from fear and distress

  • #5

    Freedom to express normal behaviors

In addition to humane feeding and living conditions to sustain health and prevent sickness, our family farms’ cows must not use the growth hormone rBST. This means that our cows lead stress-free lives, naturally producing an abundance of milk that is both healthy and delicious.

In November 2000, Clover Farms became the first and only dairy in the U.S. to be certified by the American Humane Association (AHA) for their animal welfare program, American Humane Certified. AHA has stated that Clover Cowexemplifies best practices and best standards and is a model company leading the way for humane treatment of cows in the dairy industry. Sourced from a select group of small family farms across Northern California, the combination of pristine pasture and the farmers who care for the cows who make the milk assures you that Clover tastes richer, thicker, sweeter, smoother and, yes, creamier