June is Dairy Month!

Hi, Marcus back again.  June is a special month for those in the dairy industry.  In 1937 the dairy industry began the campaign “June is Dairy Month,” supported by the National Dairy Council and sponsored by chain stores.  June is Dairy Month was meant to boost dairy sales during an industry wide seasonal time of peak production.  Today the tradition of June is Dairy Month is alive and well.  It is a time when we in the industry pause to honor the dairy farmers who work so hard to provide a product that is such a staple of the American diet.  From milk, to cheese, to yogurt, to butter – where would we be without our dairy farmers?

Many often ask me where our “Clover dairy” is located.  I love getting this question because it is an opportunity for me to explain what we do here at Clover.  Clover does not have a farm.  We work with a select group of family owned dairies on the North Coast of California who supply our milk which we then process into the Clover products you know and love.  We call these dairies our “Clover Producers” and they are very much a part of the Clover family.

We hold our Clover Producers to high standards.  It is important for us to make sure they treat their animals in a way that meets the standards of the American Humane Association, that they treat their farms in a way that is sustainable for our earth, and that the milk they produce is above and beyond industry standards for cleanliness.  We feel so fortunate to work with this select group of farmers. They enable us to bring exceptional Clover products to market for you to enjoy.

So, in honor of June is Dairy month, please take a moment sometime this month to reflect on all the hard work that goes into your dairy products.  Be it over a glass of chocolate milk, a cheese plate, an ice cream sundae, or your morning toast with butter, lets send some thanks to our hardworking dairy farmers.