Whole Milk Greek Yogurt Mac n’ Cheese

Fat is back! Our customers asked for it, and we heard them. Introducing Clover Sonoma’s new line of organic Whole Milk Greek yogurts.

Crafted with fresh organic milk made by the beloved bovines on our family owned dairies in Northern California, this thick creamy Greek yogurt is strained in small batches, as tradition dictates, then blended with juicy, sun-ripened organic fruit for a rich taste that truly satisfies.

Available in convenient grab-and-go 5.3 ounce containers in five delicious flavors (plain, vanilla bean, blueberry, raspberry and honey), Clover Organic Whole Milk Greek Yogurt is low in sugar and high in protein, calcium and live cultures for the ultimate wholesome indulgence. It’s the perfect addition to your child’s school lunch box, or a healthy, filling snack for adults.

This versatile yogurt is also wonderful as a nutritious ingredient in your favorite family recipes. We love it in this creamy classic rendition of Mac n’ Cheese (and we bet you will too!)

*modified from an original recipe by Melinda Novak

Note: You can substitute Clover Organic Pepper Jack Cheese for the cheddar or a mixture of our cheeses if you prefer.ย 

Servings: 4-6

Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian





Cook the macaroni according to the package directions until al dente.


Place the spinach leaves in the bottom of a strainer over a large empty pot, and pour the cooked pasta and water over the top to drain and wilt the spinach. Reserve 1/2 cup + of the pasta water.


Return the cooked macaroni and wilted spinach to the empty cooking pot.


Add the 1/2 cup reserved pasta water to the pot, and stir in the cheese until melted.


Stir in the Greek yogurt and onion & garlic powders until smooth and creamy. Season with salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. If too thick, stir in additional pasta water to achieve desired consistency. Grab a spoon and serve immediately!