Dying Easter Eggs with Whipped Cream

Recipe created by Karen Pavone!

Cook time: 30 Mins



  • 1 pint Clover Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Liquid food coloring in various colors (we used red, green, yellow, & blue)
  • 1-2 dozen Clover Cage Free Extra Large Eggs, hard boiled and cooled
  • White vinegar



To Hard Boil Eggs:


Gently put the eggs in a pot and cover completely with cold water. Place on stove over high heat.


When the eggs come to a full boil, remove the pot from the stove. Cover and set aside for 12 minutes.


Carefully remove the eggs from the pot with a spoon or tongs and transfer to a dish-towel lined pan with a rim. Cool to room temperature.


To color the eggs:


Place (1) pint Clover Heavy Whipping Cream in a large mixing bowl and whip with an electric mixer on high speed until creamy peaks form. Spread the whipped cream in a large baking dish with sides.


Mix each food color separately with a couple of drops of vinegar in its own cup. Drip the food coloring liberally over the whipped cream, keeping a space of about 1 inch between drops.


Use a spoon handle or knife to swirl the colors around the whipped cream. Do not over-mix or the colors will become muddy!


Working with one egg at a time, gently roll each egg in the colored cream in a single, continuous motion. *Food coloring will stain your fingers; use thin rubber gloves to avoid staining if desired. Set colored egg aside on a plate. Continue until all eggs are colored.


Let the eggs sit for 15 minutes. The longer they sit, the darker the color. Rinse + dry!