Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles

Our recipe author is Clarissa, who is a working mom of two who shares simple, family-friendly meal ideas to inspire other families on her blog Bringing Up Foodies. Mornings can be hectic with two young children, so she is constantly looking for easy, make ahead breakfast options, which is where the idea for breakfast popsicles came about. This twist on a classic breakfast combination brings together sliced fruit, yogurt, and granola to create a refreshing breakfast treat for the whole family. These can easily be made ahead of time to have on hand for busy mornings and are a fun way to start the day!





Pour Clover Sonoma Vanilla Yogurt into 6 popsicle molds until halfway full, add fruit to each popsicle, and then continue to fill with yogurt until full.


Freeze Popsicle for at least 3 hours or until solid.


Once frozen, remove Popsicle from molds.


Dip the top of each Popsicle into remaining yogurt and then roll in granola until well coated.

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