Clo’s Homemade Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

These hot summer days have us all craving cold, delicious ice cream! We (of course) love our Clover Ice Cream, but have you tried making your own? Just like shaking cream will make homemade butter, shaking iced half & half will make ice cream! All you need is some plastic bags and a handful of ingredients – including Clover Half & Half. Before the kids head back to school, this is a great summer treat and activity. Simple, easy and yummy recipe to follow!

Make ice cream with the whole family and donโ€™t forget your favorite topping!



1 cup Clover Organic Half & Half
1.5 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp sugar
3 cups ice
1/4 cup salt
Plastic bags that seal: 1 Small, 1 Large (like Ziploc)



Pour 1 cup Clover Organic Half & Half in the small bag


Add 1.5 tsp vanilla extract and 1 tbsp sugar to the bagged Half & Half


Seal the small baggie tight


Fill a large plastic bag halfway or 3 cups worth with ice and add in ยผ cup salt


Add the smaller bag inside the larger bag and fill extra space with ice then seal


Get a hot mitt or gloves to wear while shaking the bag of ice for 6 minutes


After 6 minutes take out the small baggie and rinse under cold water


Open up the small baggie and use a spoon to mix up the ice cream


Finally add your favorite topping! Enjoy!