Butter Me Up!

Mmmmmmm, butter.

Let’s face it. We have a long standing love affair with this luscious spread. There’s nothing more satisfying than creamy butter melted on warm toast, pancakes and biscuits. It’s also the ingredient that gives baked goods their perfect crumble and rich flavor. Butter is hands down the kitchen staple that makes everything taste better! So how could we possibly improve on everyone’s favorite spread?

Introducing Clover’s new line of culinary butters. We’ve ventured beyond the traditional to create something truly special. Made in small batches, these spice-and-herb infused spreads are our secret weapon for adding a ton of flavor to your cooking without a ton of fuss. It’s the butter you love, only better!


Our savory Lemon-Garlic & Herb butter spread is the perfect finishing touch on grilled seafood, chicken and pork. We recommend trying it in this recipe for Grilled Citrus-Basil Pork Chops made with locally raised pastured pork from Stemple Creek Ranch. It’s a mouthwatering main course you’ll want to make again and again.


Our classic Garlic & Herb butter spread is your new go-to for dressing pasta and grilled veggies. It absolutely shines in this quintessential summer recipe for Grilled Mexican Street Corn. Tender ears of sun-kissed corn are lightly charred on the grill to caramelize the kernels, then smeared with melted Clover Garlic-Herb Butter, rolled in Cotija cheese, and finished with a dash of Chipotle and cayenne to add a little heat. It’s a backyard BBQ hit every time!


For those who love a hint of sweet, you can’t beat the combination of fresh ground cinnamon blended with brown sugar in our rich Cinnamon & Brown Sugar butter spread. Of course it’s perfection on toast, but it also makes this simple summer dessert for Grilled Peaches a memorable finale. Best of all, with just three ingredients this recipe comes together in no time for a casual family gathering, or an elegant dinner soirée.


Available now at fine grocers near you, be sure to try all three delicious butter spreads and let us know your favorite!